Leadership Summit Sessions

Becoming Self-Aware: How Cultural Scripts Affect How You Act and Others Perceive You
It is well known that we judge ourselves by our intentions while others judge us by our behavior.  What you may not know is that your cultural heritage can impact your behavior, and result in others perceiving you in ways you never intended.  In this session we will explore common cultural scrips associated with Hispanic cultures including collectivism, respect for authority, and conflict avoidance, among others.  We will discuss how these scripts manifest themselves in the workplace and how they can be misinterpreted by others.  Finally, strategies for intentionally leveraging culture for career success will be presented.

Creating IBM Velocity
Creating IBM velocity is about the gaining of momentum as we transform our organization to think in new ways. Our IBM team will review best practices around organizational governance and agility that they have experienced in working with the technology and diversity groups at IBM. We will discuss approaches leveraged in 2016 and 2017 to invigorate volunteer activities. In addition, a quick review of ways to integrate with our IBM team for velocity will be discussed, and these methods can be broadened for partnering with other companies and organizations.

Chapter Best Practices: Sales/Membership
Prospanica's newly formed Chapter Action Committee will investigate chapter leadership best practices.  This session will focus on Sales and Membership.

Leaders as Change Agents
In a world of constant, rapid change, leaders need not only adapt to changing conditions but to lead through those changes.  Humans naturally tend to resist change, and both resistance and adaptation to change vary from person to person.  In this session, we will look at research showing why only 25-30% of companies undergoing large transformations are successful.  To become that change agent, I propose following a methodology developed by 3M—The 3M Science of Change—and how its application can bring success for Prospanica and our chapters.  We will also look into the skills and leadership behaviors that can effectively navigate and lead through change.

Chapter Best Practices: Governance: Operations and Accountability/Events and Leadership vs. Governance
Prospanica's newly formed Chapter Action Committee will investigate chapter leadership best practices.  This session will focus on Governance and Events.  Prospanica Board of Directors member Karen Flores will close the session with a talk on Leadership vs. Governance.

Uncovering and Meeting a Sponsor’s ROI
Non-profit organizations can create unique sponsorship opportunities by knowing and understanding a company’s needs.  Lincoln Financial Group partners with organizations across the United States for positive impacts on both local and national Hispanic communities.  In this session, we will explore those partnerships, paying close attention to the outcomes of those relationships and how they matched the missions of those organizations while also meeting Lincoln’s expected return on investment.  

Recruit: Engage: Retain: Implementing a Member Value Proposition
Recruit. Engage. Retain. The key to a strong chapter membership team is to understand the value you bring to your members. During this session designed for Chapter leaders, you will learn how to identify the value drivers which motivate individuals to join a member association.  These drivers will then become infused throughout your chapter communication and activities to help you grow your chapter population.