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Israel Cuenca, President

Edith Gerding-Lewis, Vice-President

Diana Duran, VP of Corporate Relations

Jairo Baldeon, Treasurer and Finances Officer 

Luis Cardenas, VP of Marketing and Communications

Ricky Santiago, VP of Education

Andreina Centrivle, Secretary and Compliance

Yamilca Rodriguez, President Emeritus


 Welcome to Prospanica Louisville Chapter Page!

Nationwide, we have more than 30.000 members and locally almost 1000 members, we have more than 47 professional and university chapters to support your career goals, through our unique platform of tactical partnerships with prominent universities and Fortune 500 companies. Whether you’re looking for new job connections or a road-map to graduate education, Prospanica will help you chart the path ahead.

From the moment that join Prospanica, your membership will be active for a year, where you will have the opportunity to join many exciting events coming up this year - local and national - such as Leadership Summit (Feb, 8); The National Conference (Milwaukee , Sep 12-14), plus professional networking events, professional development events, and resume workshops!

And please remember to check your email preferences to receive information on upcoming events, benefits and trending news! 

Your success is our success. Not already a member? Join today and start taking advantage of Prospanica Louisville's networking events, professional development workshops, industry seminars, and career opportunities in your area.

Interested in connecting with the Chapter leadership? If you are have a desire to contribute, or partner, we’d like to hear from you. Please send us an email at: or

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Prospanica’s Louisville Chapter Board


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