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April 2020: We have decided to postpone the Board Leadership Program to 2021. We understand participants' and applicants' concerns around 2nd quarter travel and current financial commitments, and we want to offer as robust a program as we can. We look forward to opening applications again for the 2021 cohort.   Accepted 2020 applicants will not have to apply again for 2020.  For questions, please contact us at

The Prospanica Board Leadership Program is a top-tier professional development opportunity for our members, designed to provide the knowledge and skills required to be a more effective board member, professional, and leader. It’s divided into three phases, where you will learn from a select group of esteemed University of Denver faculty members as they empower you to grow professionally through a series of online webinars and conferences.  


Phase 1: June 4-5, 2020, Denver, CO

Two-day kick-off retreat with classes and lectures on social entrepreneurship, diversity and inclusion, leading for engagement, finance and budgeting, and more.

Phase 2: Summer, 2020

A summer series of 90-minute webinars on creating boardroom poise, action-oriented presentations, succession planning, negotiation, board-level presence, financial acumen, and more.

Phase 3: October 15-16, 2020, Las Vegas, NV

Two-day retreat at the Prospanica Conference & Career Expo, culminating in the program graduation. Classes and lectures include topics such as power and influence, data-driven decision-making, executive presentation skills, and more. Participants will be able to attend conference events not happening concurrently with the program.

Program Details


This program is exclusively for Prospanica members and chapter officers with a minimum of 7 years of professional experience. Spots are limited. If you’re interested in participating in the program, but are not yet a member, please join today.

When & Where

The program will take place at the University of Denver campus, through virtual sessions, and at the 2020 Prospanica Conference & Career Expo.

Program Cost

For members, the cost of the program is $2,500 per person. For chapter officers, the cost is $2,250 per person. This cost covers program materials.  

Take advantage of the Prospanica Board Leadership Program today. For more details about the program, contact us at

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