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2021 Prospanica Conference & Career Expo

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The Only Constant

About this year’s theme: The Only Constant

Change always prevails. The past year made that impossible to ignore.

Some thrive on change, while others avoid it. Change isn’t a flaw. And it isn’t a feature. Change is our minute-to-minute experience, as individuals, communities, and organizations.

Join our world-class roster of workshop leaders, corporate experts, cultural beacons, and entrepreneurs to learn to approach unpredictability and lead within it.

Designed to educate, inspire, and connect, Prospanica’s one-of-a-kind conference allows attendees to plug into a national leadership community invested in their long-term success.

Here are some stats regarding the impact of the 2020 Conference & Career Expo:

- 76% Recruitment Pipeline
- 73% Students
- 54 % Hispanic & Bilingual (English/Spanish)
- 5, 674 Total Session Views

Join us for a one-of-a kind event, designed just for Hispanic professionals.

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