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Emerging Leaders Series


Accelerate Your Growth!

The Emerging Leaders Series

The Emerging Leaders Series (ELS) is a leadership program that equips participants with the foundational skills needed to lead, overcome obstacles, build relationships, and strategically plan for future career growth.

The Series is designed to assist participants as they embark on a new Whole-Leader journey of professional and personal growth where they will engage in time-tested skills that have been proven to assist in achieving success.

Designed For: Jr & Senior Undergraduate & Graduate Students

Curriculum: (5) Modules

Application Deadline: June, 6th

Program Highlights:

  • Virtual: All modules will be conducted virtually, and all material will be provided.
  • Cohort Group Project: Participants will be placed into a cohort group and put leadership and management skills into practice while providing a service to the community through the Prospanica Center for Social Justice.
  • Certificate: Awarded upon completion of the program, must attend all modules.
  • 1:1 Coaching: 1-Hour Professional Coaching
  • Guided Program: An ELS Team Lead will be available to assist with and answer any questions.

Cost & Questions

  • Prospanica Member: $50
  • Non-Member: $100
  • Apply to have registration sponsored by a Prospanica Chapter (Available to Prospanica members only. Learn more about membership.)

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Modules & Objectives


June 11-Module 1: Kick Off & Introductions

o  Mindset & Agility

o  Leadership & Management

o  Design Thinking Approach

o  Project Introduction

July 9-Module 2: You! Connecting with Others

o  Emotional Intelligence

o  Communication & Mutual Understanding

o  Personal Brand Development

July 23-Module 3: Engaging Your Strengths

o  Leveraging Strengths

o  Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

o  Culture & the Workplace

o  Utilizing Resources

August 13-Module 4: Launching You for the Future

o  Identifying Personal Values

o  Leadership Competencies

o  Personal Value Proposition

o  Career Growth

August 27-Module 5: Celebrate & Close

o  Project Presentations

o  Team Building

o  Change Leadership

o  Resource Management

June 11-Nov 4- Program Follow Up

o  Virtual Business Card

o  1:1 Early Career Coaching

September 10-Project Presentation- Webinar Pt. 1

o  Project Presentations & Follow up

October 8-Project Presentation- Webinar Pt. 2

o  Project Presentations & Follow-up


This series will help participants engage with the following:
1. Decipher between a Leadership and Management and, identify what is best in achieving successful outcomes.
2. Implement the concepts of Design Thinking and a Growth Mindset in solving problems and activating solutions.
3. Utilize Emotional Intelligence in defining and implementing a positive Personal Brand and Resolving Conflict.
4. Identify the top five Strengths and strategize how they can be implemented to enhance team performance.
5. Discover Personal Values and connect them to future actions that support personal Value Proposition.

For more details about the program, contact us at

Application Deadline: Monday, June 6, 2022

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