Chapter: New York


Our Vision

Be the leading catalyst for Hispanic professional achievement

Our Mission

Empower Hispanic professionals to achieve their full educational, economic and social potential.

Our Goals

Increase the number of Hispanics participation in formal education; accelerate Hispanic advancement through entrepreneurship and corporate placement; become a leading, nationally recognized and respected Hispanic professional organization.

Our Chapter Value Statement

Our Chapter Officers, members, and employees are critical to our long-term success. Our ongoing efforts will be guided by our beliefs and commitment to inclusiveness, diversity and innovation. We work as a team to encourage and carry out activities that recognize achievement, embrace the strengths and abilities of one another while focusing on our common goal.

Our Governance Pillars

Leadership Development

Branding Opportunity

Recruitment Opportunity

Research & Benchmarking

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The vision of Prospanica New York is to have all our members advance to executive level positions and continuously help other Hispanics and members of diverse populations advance in their careers, at every opportunity. To that end, we have committed to providing professional networking, career advancement, educational, and executive leadership development events.

If you would like to participate on the board or volunteer to help make our organization better, please contact our Membership Officer for additional information.

Prospanica NY Scholarship Opportunities

See What Scholarships We Offer.

Are you ready to join the next generation of movers and shakers? Let us help you. Take advantage of our Foundation’s scholarships for graduate students and undergraduate juniors and seniors, all pursuing degrees within the school of business.

Offering a select number of scholarships ranging from $2,000 to $5,000, Prospanica is here to propel you forward. We’re looking for students who strive to make meaningful contributions to society. Entrepreneurial thinkers who know that true accomplishment is much more than individual success — it’s uplifting the entire Hispanic community.

New York Chapter members are eligible to receive both the New York & national scholarships.

Do you fit the bill? Let’s make change happen, together.

We will accept 2019 applications March 25 through May 27. For more information or to see if you qualify, visit

Receive 50% OFF a student membership during the scholarship program with the CODE 2019SCHOLAR

Membership Benefits

If you have any questions regarding our membership benefits, please email

Professional Members

 Member-only site access and features

 Prospanica Job Board and resume writing services

 Become a leading, nationally recognized and respected Hispanic professional organization

 Special discounts to affinity partner services

 Discounts to Prospanica's national conference

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Student Members

 Tuition benefit and loan programs

 Refinancing programs

 Quality mentoring

 Internship opportunities

 Exclusive marketplace partner discounts

 Annual national conference and career expo discounts

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Our Chapter Officers


Janine Jansen



Teresa Hernandez

Executive Vice President


Kevin Kwok

Secretary/Compliance Officer


Rosa Meza



Alexander Corona

VP of Membership


Limer Batista

Professional Development Chair


Kevin Cifuentes

VP of Technology


Ana Monge

VP of Marketing


Ruby Burdiez

VP of Corporate Relations



Education Chair


Lucy Sorrentini



Judith Ramos

President Emeritus

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