Chapter: Bakersfield
Compliance Officer and Secretary
Genesis Tapia, Act-1 Personnel Services
Corporate Relations Officer
Wilfredo Cruz Jr, State Farm Insurance
Education Officer
Norma Dunn, United Farm Workers of America
Events Officer
Eduardo Vargas, Bidart Bro's
Executive Vice President
Melissa Delgado, Wonderful Citrus
Marketing Officer
Kathryn McCoy, Air Control Services
Membership Officer
Delia Arredondo
Nancy Solis-Vargas, Cintas Corporation
Professional Development Officer
Yadira Cadena
Treasurer Officer
Maria Sotelo




Contributions to Kern County

Scholarships in the amount of $5,000 for local students to pursue an MBA degree.

GMAT prep scholarship awards to support Hispanic students in preparing for the exam, reviewed by business schools to gain entrance into an MBA program.

Scholarships from National to attend the annual Conference & Career Expo, a 3 day event for Hispanics to connect with hundreds of professionals while gaining valuable experience through professional development, career management and networking opportunities with Fortune 500 companies.

Since 2012, our local chapter has partnered with local educational institutions to sponsor 25+ students to travel to various major US cities to attend the National Conference & Career Expo.

10+ Board officers have traveled to the Annual Leadership Summit where they have been exposed to a variety of breakout sessions focused on the development and advancement of Hispanic Leaders, hosted by prominent experts and executives.

Since 2014, our local chapter has held a yearly professional development series that includes workshops in the following topics: Personal Branding, Start Smart: Get the Most Value From Your Graduate Degree, Dining with Intentions, Leading from Below, Dealing with Difficult People, and Negotiating Your Salary.

Hosted multiple social mixers to provide local students and professionals the opportunity to network with potential employers.

Hosted various events to support our members in obtaining employment opportunities by inviting local HR professionals to review and offer feedback on their resumes.

Supported and promoted other non-profit organizations that support increasing the number of Hispanics attending college.

Supported and promoted local MBA programs.


Upcoming Events:

Saturday, October 13th - Latinos On the Rise 


2018 Sponsors – Professional Development Series