Mentorship Program
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 Program Overview

The purpose of the EmPower Mentorship Program is to provide a forum where professionals can connect one on one and establish a mutually beneficial mentorship relationship. The program is a 3-month commitment between the Mentor and Mentee with a minimum of two meetings per month. The Mentor and Mentee are responsible for establishing an action plan and the overall relationship during the mentoring quarter. The relationship is guided by the membership committee and after the 3-month program both the Mentor and Mentee will be asked to complete an evaluation form. A guide will be provided to help meet program expectations and assistance will be available as needed. 


 Matching: Mentors and Mentees are matched by the membership committee based on information from the application (area of interest, skills, industry, etc.). The overall goal is to provide the best mentoring experience and match for each applicant. A high level of attention is taken into consideration for each match.


Program Rotation: The program runs on a quarterly basis with a selected number of Mentor/Mentee matches. Not all applicants are guaranteed to be selected for the quarter they apply and may need to be matched in subsequent quarters.


Program Dates - 2nd Quarter

March 25th, 2020 – Application Due
April 6th  June 30th – Mentorship Period

Program Dates - 3rd Quarter 

June 19th, 2020 – Application Due
July 1st – Sept. 30th – Mentorship Period

Be a Mentor

If you are passionate about helping others advance in their career, knowledge, or skills, you could make an excellent mentor. Generally, the most effective mentors have ALL of the following characteristics:

     1.     Capacity to commit time and attention over multiple conversations.

     2.     Highly motivated to help another professional with career advancement or professional development.

     3.     Ability to maintain confidentially and demonstrate professionalism.

 To participate in the program as a Mentor, please complete the Mentor Application


Be a Mentee

Mentoring is a professional relationship that can contribute significantly to developing skills and expanding knowledge. Anyone who wants guidance, support, or coaching related to professional development can greatly benefit from this mentoring program. Mentees should meet the following minimum criteria before considering applying:

     1.     Clear area of focus or skill they want to develop.

     2.     Capacity to commit time and attention over multiple conversations.

     3.     Highly motivated to receive support and take action. 

Common misconception is that the mentor drives the relationship. It is the mentee’s responsibility to have a clear area of focus they want to work on or skill they would like to develop to drive the relationship.


Mentee Requirements

Hold a Prospanica DFW membership at time of application

-  Ability to devote time for three months

-  Have an area of focus/goal that can obtained within program time frame

Mentee Responsibilities

-  Have a clear vision of a goal that can be reached with three (3) months

-  Follow through on commitments and goals set during sessions with their mentor

-  Seek advice, opinion, and direction from the Mentor

To participate in the program as a Mentee, please complete the Mentee Application


For questions please e-mail 


Click here to learn more about becoming a member and other membership benefits.