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2020 Prospanica Leadership Summit - Dallas, TX

Introducing our New Board

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The vision of Prospanica New York is to have all our members advance to executive level positions and continuously help other Hispanics and members of diverse populations advance in their careers, at every opportunity. To that end, we have committed to providing professional networking, career advancement, educational, and executive leadership development events.

If you would like to participate on the board or volunteer to help make our organization better, please contact our Membership Officer for additional information.

Membership Benefits

If you have any questions regarding our membership benefits, please email

Professional Members

  • Member-only site access and features
  • Prospanica Job Board and resume writing services
  • Become a leading, nationally recognized and respected Hispanic professional organization
  • Special discounts to affinity partner services
  • Discounts to Prospanica's national conference
Professional Membership Benefits

Student Members

  • Tuition benefit and loan programs
  • Refinancing programs
  • Quality mentoring
  • Internship opportunities
  • Exclusive marketplace partner discounts
  • Annual national conference and career expo discounts
Student Membership Benefits