Leadership Summit Sessions

Mi Mejor Versión/My Best Version
Marcela Andrés, Sineria Ordóñez
Showing up as the mejor version of yourself in every facet of your life can be challenging. It is imperative that Latinx leaders elevate their voices and share their stories to authentically lead our community to new horizons and have a powerful impact in our society.

During this session attendees will go through an exploratory journey of who they are (cuales son tus raíces), why they do what they do (their why) and how in every facet of their life they can show up (authentic representation) as the best version of themselves.

The high-energy workshop will be led by two Latina leaders and best friends, Marcela Andrés, President and CEO of designEDengagement, PBC and Sineria Ordóñez, Founder & CEO of CulturaCodes. Over the past five years, both Marcela and Sineria have encouraged one another to show up as the best version of themselves, always anchoring the conversation and actions on their identity and purpose.

The Neuroscience of Leadership
David Morelli

This session explores the dynamics of behavioral change at the physiological and psychological levels, empowering you to amplify engagement and results. Diving into the latest neuroscience information, you’ll understand why initiatives fail, how to grow motivation, and learn to optimize communication for maximizing outcomes.

Use Your Voice: Exercising Your Agency in a Difficult World, Part 1 & Part 2
Dr. Laura Muñoz

The purpose of the session is to address what agency is and how to exercise it while maintaining our heritage in a world where differences may not appear to be welcomed. We will review how each participant exercises personal agency, reinvigorate our practices of it, and how to become our own allies to support our voice with ourselves, our work environment, and the broader community.

Enabling your ERG  or Volunteer Service to be a Platform for Professional Advancement
Joining or leading an ERG or volunteering to lead in an outside organization can provide the opportunity for leadership, professional development, and invaluable networking that you might not find in your current role.  However, it may be difficult to take advantage of such opportunities due to time constraints, misinformed supervisors or senior executives who don’t believe in the value-add of the experience, or even the internal fear of failing at a task outside of your expertise.  In this panel discussion, we’ll hear from leaders and executives on how to overcome those pitfalls and how to position your volunteer involvement to maximize your career potential.

ERG Workshop
During this session, we’ll dive into common challenges ERGs and their leadership face, and we’ll work through responses, ideas, and solutions.  Join leaders from other Latino ERGs to network and to design new ways of thinking and working.

Take Charge of Your Brand with Autenticidad y Orgullo, Part 1 & Part 2
Guisselle Nuñez

Bringing your authentic self to corporate America can be difficult, causing anxiety and concern over your professional position and advancement.  This dynamic workshop by personal brand expert Guisselle Nuñez, author of Take Charge of Your Brand, will provide participants bite-sized techniques to weave personal branding into their professional and personal daily actions. Attendees at all stages of their careers will understand the “how” of personal brand management but will also dive into managing their personal brand with cultural authenticity and orgullo (pride), both in and out of the workplace.
This extended workshop is hands-on, so come ready to roll up your sleeves and master the daily techniques you can apply to become a more authentic and fearless personal brand manager.