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Soft Skills Development Series

Produced in partnership with Satish & Yasmin Gupta College of Business at the University of Dallas, this four-part series will help you advance by focusing on your soft-skill development. The entire series is free for members, and non-members pay only $20 per webinar.  If you watch all four webinars, you can further invest in yourself by qualifying for the digital badge. A digital badge is a micro-credential that contains detailed information about the learning experience and the knowledge gained. It is shareable across the internet, including LinkedIn. Learn more about the series and view the recordings.

Are You Board Material?

The Prospanica Board Leadership Program is a top-tier professional development opportunity for our members .  Formed in partnership with the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver, the program aims to provide a small cohort of participants with the knowledge and skills required to be a more effective professional, leader, and future corporate board member.  Join us to hear from David Morelli from the University of Denver as he walks us through the program. We'll also hear from Cari Dominguez, a current corporate board member, as well as Jose Feliciano, a graduate from the original cohort. View recording.

Creating MBA Success as a Latino First-Year

Entering the MBA environment can be daunting.  After time away from academic life, students must transition from professional demands into a learning process different from their undergraduate experience, and many juggle work and family demands as well.  Redeveloping learning habits must happen quickly while undergoing an intensive class pace with other ambitious classmates whose professional or content experience could be deeper.  This conversation will explore how to prepare yourself by hearing from several top Latino students who not only survived but excelled during the first year of their MBA programs.  Learn more about webinar and view recording.

Latino Masculinity in Today’s Corporate Culture

Historically, corporate America and society in general have favored males, but recent conversations on masculinity have demanded attention and altered the traditional landscape.  This has changed how we understand leadership and masculinity itself within the corporate space.  As men adapt, what does a new understanding of masculinity mean for Latino men who want to be corporate leaders?  How can we highlight our diverse strengths without the traditional male bravado?  And how can we reach greater corporate success by leveraging relationships rather than an assumed masculine authority?  Learn more about webinar and view recording.

The New Latina Code: Collaborative, Disruptive Leadership

Before, Latinas were told that leadership was for other people.  The glass ceilings were transparent, but they were also strong.  Now, Latinas have begun to assume positions of influence.  They are responsive, innovative, and hungry for results.  How can Millennial Latinas and experienced professional Latinas connect with each other to accelerate everyone’s leadership potential?  What can women achieve when combining experience, skills, and wisdom with innovative resources, energy and talent?  Join this webinar with successful Latinas to explore how women of all ages can navigate culture—corporate, Latino, and generational—to encourage, inspire, and promote each other. Learn more about webinar and view recording.