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Official Statement from Prospanica CEO: 

June 2, 2020

Our organization began because Hispanic business leaders saw inequality in all levels of leadership of corporate America.  The last few months have exposed for our country how that inequality pervades all levels of our society.  Children have been ripped from their families and placed in cages.  Covid-19 has devastated our Latino, African American, and Native American communities at disproportionate rates and brought abuse upon our Asian American brothers and sisters.  Now our cities have erupted at the failures of those systems created to protect us that have instead too often caused us harm.
Our words must convey respect, and our actions must close gaps.  We must understand and celebrate the multitude of lived experiences rather than fear that difference.  Without open hands and open arms, we cannot heal our nation, but we believe within us all resides the power to see and to listen to each other.  Within that power, resides change.

Thomas Savino

President & CEO

Prospanica - The Association of Hispanic MBAs & Business Professionals 

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