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Diversity Champions

Diversity Champions are year-round partners that support Prospanica’s mission and advocate for Hispanic professionals and support and promote Prospanica within their organization and community. The Prospanica Diversity Champions is a revitalized version of Prospanica’s former Corporate Advisory Board formed in 1998.

Exclusive Benefits: 

  • Exclusive Diversity Champion seal to show your support of Prospanica
  • Ability to exchange resources and serve in advisory roles as needed
  • Early access to exclusive products, services and sponsorship opportunities
  • Opportunity to connect with University & Corporate champions
  • Exclusive discounts and invitations to programs and events

And Additional Benefits!

To learn more Contact:

View the full Letter from Assurant

Corporate Partners

Prospanica provides partners:

  • Best-in-class resources and tools to access top Hispanic talent.
  • Quality Prospanica chapters give local reach into communities across the country.
  • Industry-leading development programs inspire, connect and develop the leaders of tomorrow.
  • Overall, Prospanica gives partners the resources to succeed in the recruitment, development, engagement, retention and advancement of Hispanic professionals.

Opportunities to Partner:

  • Year-Round Diversity Champion Initiative
  • Year-Round Recruiting: Prospanica Job Board and Virtual Career Fairs.
  • Year-Round Advertising and Branding
  • Annual Conference & Career Expo
  • Professional Development Programs
  • Prospanica Scholarship Program

Create meaningful impacts on our nation’s future. Become a Prospanica partner today!

University Partners

An Alliance Guaranteed to Win

Prospanica creates alliances with universities for Hispanic scholars interested in higher education through awarded tuition.

These universities contribute to diversity and equal opportunity in higher education through their financial support, services, professional development, and academic networking opportunities. These universities are particularly interested in supporting scholars with the potential to bring an educational background or experience to those who are historically underrepresented in higher education.

If this sounds like your university, we’d like to consider partnering. Please send us a note and one of our managers will reach out.

Contact and let’s join efforts in support of Hispanic scholars.

Contact Us for more information
on Partnership Opportunities

Strategic Partners

Corporate Partners

Promote Excellence

Hispanics are the largest and fastest growing minority group but are severely underrepresented in professional employment. Help turn the tide and further Hispanic success in education and the marketplace to improve our nation’s economy.

Prospanica reaches some of the nation’s most dedicated and high-performing individuals:

  • 30,000 students and professionals with 45 established chapters nationwide
  • Nearly 60% have earned their MBA
  • 44% bring more than three years of management experience

We offer strategic programs and events throughout the year to further our members’ personal and professional growth. As a Prospanica partner you’ll:

  • Attract and recruit outstanding Hispanic talent
  • Develop quality and diversity in the workplace
  • Be a progressive force in schools and the community

Create meaningful impacts on our nation’s future. Become a Prospanica partner today!

Corporate Advisory Board

Founded in 1998, Prospanica’s Corporate Advisory Board provides exemplary counsel on best practices to further our vision and mission. Our distinguished advisory board members bring insight and dedication to champion the recruitment and retention of a diverse and inclusive workforce.Thank you for your partnership and support.


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Dell Technologies

American Family Insurance



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