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The chief cultural mission of the Center is to improve our ability to have critical conversations about social justice issues as a diverse and multi-faceted community. We want to encourage civil discourse and make it easier and more available.

"Historically, our socially-conscious efforts have primarily occurred through our partnerships with fellow professional development organizations. With the creation of the Center, we take a small but important step toward the type of bold, sustained action required to successfully address inequity and achieve true social justice."

- Thomas Savino

CEO, Prospanica

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Prospanica CEO & PCSJ Founder
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PCSJ Advisor

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PCSJ Program Pilars

The PCSJ provides and plans various activities throughout the year including speaker engagements, workshops,

opportunities for dialogue, a book club, and sessions about diversity, inclusion, social justice, and equity

for Prospanica members and the greater community.


Through the Center, Prospanica’s purpose will expand to provide research-driven dialogue that will facilitate conversations with people across the political spectrum, specifically among those at the intersection of business and education.


We also want to help answer the question: how do we navigate tense conversations when we don’t all agree and still move forward in unity? We want to build tolerance from a Hispanic/Latino/Latinx perspective, even as we address feelings of resentment and resist the temptation to disengage from those who view things differently.


Once we are equipped with credible and academically-based learnings, we will invest in developing a curriculum that will include webinars and workshops, self-study and a series of ongoing social justice conversations that will allow us to frame the conversation in an inclusive and honest way. We are particularly interested in helping our Chapter leaders, members, and corporate partners who are actively working in the field of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to become equipped with this skillset.


Prospanica Workplace Inclusion and Equity Report

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, Prospanica in partnership with Kanarys, a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) technology company released the results of the first-ever 2021 Prospanica Workplace Inclusion & Equity Report on Monday, October 4, 2021.

This first-of-its-kind survey of Latinx employees in the U.S. uncovers valuable insights into the experiences of underrepresented professionals in corporate America.

View the Report

The PCSJ Platform

The Prospanica Center for Social Justice (PCSJ) platform is a hub of resources and programming. This is a place to deepen your connections with peers and resources around Social Justice. View on-demand webinars such as Colorism and the Black Latino/a/x Experience, In and Out Groups – Navigating An Uneven Playing Field, Pronoun Competency Workshop, and more! Join the community, access is Free.

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PCSJ Journal & National Program

The 2021 Prospanica Leadership Summit, held virtually March 17-19, will feature learning experiences and content from our latest initiative, the Prospanica Center for Social Justice (PCSJ). Among other topics, we’ll explore how to have critical conversations, leadership self-awareness and self-care, and critical communication for diversity leaders. Beyond our development sessions, we’ll also host virtual networking opportunities so you can connect with other professionals who want to impact their company’s culture.

In Partnership with Adelphi University, Prospanica offers attendees the opportunity to earn the Certificate of Leadership for an Equity-Based Culture.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to take the DiSC Assessment and Workshop, Effective Discussions and Relationships: Strengthen Your Communications through Personal Styles, utilizes the Everything DiSC® assessment to generate deep personal insights.

The Journal

Special Edition Newsletter Series:

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Special Edition Newsletter pt. 1

Prospanica condemns the violent insurrection on January 6, 2021, in which the United States Capitol was breached and desecrated in an attempt to stop the work of the people. Our mission—to empower and enable Hispanic MBAs and business professionals to achieve their full educational, economic, and social potential—relies on our democracy.

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Special Edition Newsletter pt. 2

In this issue we choose a new moment. One of reflection and acknowledgment of the trauma we have experienced and one that seeks to heal. In “The Stories We Tell Ourselves,” Michelle Otero illustrates the relationship to stories, multiple truths, and how we can move forward. Dr. Laura Quiros, in “Belonging,” encourages a number of powerful actions for readers to help them connect with one another. Her suggestions could very well serve as meditation for participants of the Prospanica Center for Social Justice.

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Special Edition Newsletter pt. 3

As the series concludes, in the Special Edition Newsletter pt.3, we seek to move forward with healing and transformation. Read the latest edition from our CEO, Thomas Savino, Damyn Kelly, J.D., President and Chief Executive Officer of Lutheran Social Services of New York, and Richard Lopez, Director of Global Diversity and Inclusion at Dell.

The PCSJ Digital Journal:

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The PCSJ Digital Journal Asian Allyship

The articles in this edition of the Prospanica Center for Social Justice Journal explore challenges faced by the Asian American community. We call on our community to understand these challenges and join us in standing in solidarity. Dr. Ngan Nguyen, Ascend Foundation, contributes “Model Minority Myth & the Double-Edged Sword” acritical eye-opening article on this myth and how it plays a major role in the injustices faced by the Asian American community. Minué Yoshida’s “Asia-Latinos, More Than Allies” more personally describes hatred towards Asian Americans and provides a plan for change.

What are partner Dell is saying:

"The fight against racism and inequality in the world requires that we join together against any form of hate or discrimination. To our Asian American team members and the broader Asian American community, we support you and we stand with you." - Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Technologies.

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PCSJ - 1 Year Anniversary Journal

This issue marks the first anniversary of the creation of the Prospanica Center for Social Justice (PCSJ). The decision to launch the Prospanica Center for Social Justice occurred at a most memorable moment in a most memorable year.

Prospanica leaders, Thomas Savino, CEO of Prospanica, Monica Puente, Vice President of Finance and Operations, and Evan Cleveland, Director of Programming and the PCSJ reflect on its start and the experience of its first year.

Prospanica will continue the introspection by inviting Prospanica members to take part in a virtual conversation on social justice.  It will be held on Tuesday, July 13, at noon Central.

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