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Resigning Without Burning Bridges

Resignations hit record numbers in the fourth quarter of 2021, while more jobs remain available than the workers who can fill them. Leaving one role for another can cause any professional to focus more on what's new and next than what's being left behind. However, one's networks remain interconnected, often far more than anyone realizes, and resignation missteps could derail future opportunities. This webinar was featured speaker panelist  Val Rupp, National Board of Director Prospanica as moderator; Speaker: Gorki De Los Santos, Sr. Manager, Communications; HOLA ERG Leader LinkedIn; Speaker: Claudia Chávez, Career, and Executive Coach, CMP; and Speaker: Joe Frodsham President of CMP

This webinar took place on May 18, 2022.

Stress, Anxiety, & Depression: Seeking Wellness as a Latino Professional

Latino adults have reported symptoms of anxiety and depression at greater rates than the general adult population, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.  Stressors from the pandemic, racial unrest, the changing professional landscape, and a general sense of greater uncertainty have taken a toll on everyone.  In this webinar, we'll hear from Dr. Jane Delgado, the President and CEO of the National Alliance for Hispanic Health and a clinical psychologist.  Through an interactive conversation, she'll explore how Latino professionals can pay attention to their mental health and specific actions for improving mental and emotional wellbeing.  Join us ready to ask questions!

This webinar took place on the Prospanica Center for Social Justice Platform. Create an account for free and view other content and meet other members.  Note: the webinar was not recorded, in order to create a safe space for sensitive conversation.

ON-DEMAND: Cultivating Inclusion for Hispanic/LatinX Employees in Today's Workplace: Findings from the 2021 Prospanica Workplace Inclusion and Equity Report

Last month, Kanarys and Prospanica released the 2021 Prospanica Workplace Inclusion and Equity Report, the first-ever report that assessed diversity efforts in a variety of corporate workplaces for Hispanic/Latinx employees.  The report outlined how these employees' experiences differ based on race, ethnicity, gender, LGBTQ+, parental, religious, disability and professional status with a focus on how the intersectionality of their identities impacted their experience. Join the CEOs at Kanarys, Prospanica, and HACR as they discuss the latest trends highlighted in the report, and they’ll also share how to proactively promote more awareness to foster inclusion among Hispanic/Latinx employees in the workplace.

Watch the recording.

ON-DEMAND: Dell Technologies: Turning ERG Intentions into Actions

Join Dell Technologies Latinx ERG Leaders in a conversation around ERG best practices, the importance of unlocking the full potential of your ERG team members and what building an effective ERG Community looks like at Dell Technologies.

Watch the recording.

ON-DEMAND: The Numbers behind the Screen: A Discussion with WarnerMedia Finance

This webinar is part of WarnerMedia's Career Conversations Week 2021 - Corporate & Sales Day. Before the cameras begin rolling, it all starts with the numbers. Our corporate finance and accounting teams are integral to the groundbreaking storytelling work we do here at WarnerMedia. Pull up a chair and join our distinguished panel of financial experts who will share their experiences and provide insight on how accounting and finance impact the business, guide strategy and position the company for growth and innovation.

This event will be hosted in partnership with Prospanica, the Association of Hispanic MBAs and Business Professionals. It is ideal for mid- to senior-level professionals who have 3+ years of experience in Corporate or Sales roles.

Watch the recording on LinkedIn.

ON-DEMAND: Professional Resumes that Increase Your Pay & Land Promotions

National expert in resume writing, Marc Cenedella, Founder of Leet Resumes and Ladders, will walk you through how to write a resume to maximize your chances for increased pay and job promotions. In an easy-to-follow format, we’ll review what hiring managers are looking for in a resume, what a resume should and shouldn’t do, and how to write bullet points that grab attention. And please bring your questions for the Q&A!

Watch the recording.

Leadership Through Crisis Series

Produced in partnership with the Satish & Yasmin Gupta College of Business at the University of Dallas, this four-part series is designed to advance your Leadership through Crisis. The entire series is free for members, and non-members pay only $25 per webinar.  If you watch all four webinars, you can further invest in yourself by qualifying for the digital badge. A digital badge is a micro-credential that contains detailed information about the learning experience and the knowledge gained. It is shareable across the internet, including LinkedIn.

Cafecito con Prospanica: Raise Our Voices

This series covers topics pertinent to the uncertain context we find ourselves in.

ON-DEMAND: Power Up: Facing Anxiety & the Unknown

The disease, the news, and our isolation have altered our daily realities, leaving many of us struggling with anxiety in our isolation. Join health and wellness expert Karla Medina for a conversation on how to break the cycles that cause our anxiety. Karla will present her strategies on maintaining your mental and physical well-being during this tumultuous time, and she'll answer your questions on how to thrive within the unknown while pursuing your personal and professional goals from a place of power.  Click here to watch the webinar on-demand.

ON-DEMAND: How to Manage Your Mindset and Remain Present, Positive and Calm

The world is rapidly changing around us, and we are treading some new waters together. We must balance not only our professional and personal lives, but we have to do them both at the same time. Zoom meetings and family needs currently exist in the same space and the same moment. Even though it is very easy to spiral down in fear, anxiety and overwhelm, we need to remain present, positive and calm… now more than ever. In this webinar, Tatiana Quaife - a Latina Executive with more than 10 years of leadership experience at The Walt Disney Company and Procter & Gamble - will share her personal journey, the ups and downs and the actionable lessons learned that are helping her manage her mindset during these difficult times.  Click here to watch the webinar on-demand.

ON-DEMAND: Unleashing the Peer Mentoring Experience

Everyone recognizes the power of mentorship, and as we undergo our current uncertainties, that voice of experience can prove even more valuable.  Unfortunately not enough professionals experience the privilege of a mentorship connection.  This webinar will explore the concept of peer mentorship, a more accessible mentorship model that can be easily deployed through our new virtual ways of working.  We'll explore how to be a good mentor/mentee, how to use curiosity and inquisition to push yourself and your partner to the next level, and how to establish a council of mentors.  Join us and speaker Jeffrey Vargas to learn how to transform your network from connections to conduits of wisdom.  Click here to watch the webinar on-demand.

ON-DEMAND: New Recruitment Realities: Equip Yourself for Success

The job market fluctuated within a matter of days.  Though today's recruitment landscape appears unrecognizable to yesterday's, opportunity remains within it.  This webinar will explore the mindset a job-seeker should employ, the emotional intelligences to leverage, and the practical actions to both uncover and pursue opportunity.  We'll also look at best practices for Prospanica's Virtual Career Fair, which takes place the following week, on April 28.  Join us to hear from executive recruiters and coaches Leonel DeLeon and Jane Ryan as they guide us through the preparations to make for job search success.  Click here to watch the webinar on-demand.

ON-DEMAND: Channeling the Human Touch in the New Norm

Whether a virtual meeting or a virtual happy hour, we now see our colleagues and friends in small rectangles on our computer screens. Social distancing may create barriers to disease, but it also creates barriers to human connection.  We're taking a different approach in this Cafecito.  With Minué Yoshida and Angelica Ogando, we'll dive into the digital platform Zoom to practice in real-time how to better engage the other faces on our computer screens.  We'll explore new techniques to create connections and communicate more effectively so that everyone feels not only seen but heard, understood, and valued.  You'll want to join this webinar live, because we'll experiment with the technology and each other to learn new best practices for our current reality. Click here to watch the recording on-demand.

ON-DEMAND: The Power of the Pivot

We've all put personal and professional plans on hold to refocus our attention, energy, and capital in new directions, launching our lives, families, and organizations on unexpected trajectories.  In this session we'll explore what it means to pivot and how to identify when we've arrived at one.  Both identifying and acting on a pivot require freedom, courage, and grace, and we'll discuss how to prepare to maneuver without being crushed in a pivot's invisible gears.  We'll also talk about tactics for preserving our peace of mind as we undergo moments for change.  Join us, Jeffrey Vargas, and Dr. Fred Soto as we look into life's often-unexpected turning points.  Click here to watch the recording on-demand.

ON-DEMAND: Transform Your Perspective

How do you open your mind to alternate ways of thinking?  How can you identify opportunities to adapt your programmed responses to what’s happening around you?  Everything from social distancing and sheltering in place to simply connecting and communicating effectively has constrained our ways of living and working, which can have drastic effects on our outlook within this new virtual arena.  The best practices shared in this engaging, interactive session will help people take some of the “programmed reflex” out of the equation and set themselves up for opportunity in this time of uncertainty.  Join Michael Landers for a simple and practical toolkit to embed the power of new perspectives in your life and be empowered to control your own behaviors, transforming obstacles into opportunities.  Click here to watch the recording on-demand.

ON-DEMAND: Keys to Thriving in Uncertainty

Uncertainty has risen within our lives, expanding beyond its typical background reality to consume more of our daily awareness. Its seemingly monstrous presence has repercussions throughout our experience, creating difficulties for our work, our relationships, and our mental health. We'll join award-winning entrepreneur and educator Valeria Aloe to explore actionable steps we can take right now to thrive in the midst of increased uncertainty and lack of clarity. We'll explore elements of the effective process she developed after years in corporate America and running her own business empowering Hispanics to achieve greater clarity and discover opportunities. Be ready to interact!  Click here to watch the recording on-demand.

ON-DEMAND: Building Bridges to Our Brighter Future

No one knows what the "new" normal is going to look like. What we do know is that we want our organizations and our people to be stronger. But how do we set ourselves up for that kind of success? Join Prospanica and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Leadership coach, Deanna Singh, for a dynamic conversation about how diversity, equity, and inclusion leaders and advocates at all levels can create go-forward strategies that effectively bring us back together. Be ready to contribute to the conversation and leave the discussion with some tangible tools for building bridges to a brighter future. Click here to watch the recording on-demand.

ON-DEMAND: My Goals, My Voice

Over the last three months, priorities have been scattered and reassembled. Once reliable professional roles may have disappeared or evolved overnight into something new. Within drastic change, our individual plans and dreams can be hard to speak for or even uncover. In this Cafecito, we'll talk with Joelle Murchison--executive coach and diversity, equity, and inclusion consultant--about how to understand what we want to do and how to advocate for that. Join us to better understand how to emerge from this crisis with your voice as your greatest asset.  Click here to watch the recording on-demand.

ON-DEMAND: Preserving Your LGBTQ Identity in a Pandemic

The pandemic placed lives on hold. School ending, a lost job, and other pressures sent people who had lived independently back home. For many in the LGBTQ community, this meant abandoning a life where one’s sexuality was known and understood for a place where it had to be hidden. In this Cafecito, we’ll speak with Manny Velasquez-Paredes, a diversity and inclusion leader, and Natasha Torres, a ROMBA Fellow,  about how LGBTQ Latinos can maintain their community and preserve their identities and how family members and allies can offer support.  Click here to watch the recording on-demand.

ON-DEMAND: Using LinkedIn for a Strong Personal Brand in a Virtual World

Within a few days, the pandemic altered the professional landscape. Whether you are an unexpected job seeker, a recent graduate, or an executive concerned about what comes next, creating a personal brand that stands out to the right audience is one key to relevancy and success within uncertainty. Join Illianna Acosta, the co-lead of LinkedIn’s HOLA ERG, as she talks through how to leverage your LinkedIn presence in a way that retains cultural authenticity and positions you for growth during crisis. Click here to watch the webinar on-demand.

ON-DEMAND: Developing Our Emotional Intelligence, Resilience, and Optimism in Changing and Uncertain Times

Fear, anxiety, and anger have defined our recent months. Stepping outside, speaking out, or merely consuming the news has elevated everyone's sense tension. In this Cafecito, we'll speak with Dr. Jorge Cherbosque, the Director of the Emotional Intelligence and Diversity Institute, a practicing psychologist, and a lecturer at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. We'll talk about developing our social architecture skills to build synergistic environments based on listening and equity. We'll also explore how emotional intelligence can overcome anxiety and pave the way for safety, calm, reconnection, self-efficacy, and hope. Click here to watch this webinar on-demand.

General Interest Webinars

These webinars are discussion-based or provide content around other Prospanica experiences.

Are You Board Material?

The Prospanica Board Leadership Program is the newest top-tier professional development opportunity for our members .  Formed in partnership with the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver, the program aims to provide a small cohort of participants with the knowledge and skills required to be a more effective professional, leader, and future corporate board member.  Join us to hear from David Morelli, the Executive Director of Executive Education at Daniels as he walks us through the program.  We’ll also hear from corporate board member and author of Lessons in LeadershiT: Detoxing the Workplace about how Latinos can exercise their influence as current and future corporate leaders.  Learn more about webinar and view recording.

Creating MBA Success as a Latino First-Year

Entering the MBA environment can be daunting.  After time away from academic life, students must transition from professional demands into a learning process different from their undergraduate experience, and many juggle work and family demands as well.  Redeveloping learning habits must happen quickly while undergoing an intensive class pace with other ambitious classmates whose professional or content experience could be deeper.  This conversation will explore how to prepare yourself by hearing from several top Latino students who not only survived but excelled during the first year of their MBA programs.  Learn more about webinar and view recording.

Latino Masculinity in Today's Corporate Culture

Historically, corporate America and society in general have favored males, but recent conversations on masculinity have demanded attention and altered the traditional landscape.  This has changed how we understand leadership and masculinity itself within the corporate space.  As men adapt, what does a new understanding of masculinity mean for Latino men who want to be corporate leaders?  How can we highlight our diverse strengths without the traditional male bravado?  And how can we reach greater corporate success by leveraging relationships rather than an assumed masculine authority?  Learn more about webinar and view recording.

The New Latina Code: Collaborative, Disruptive Leadership

Before, Latinas were told that leadership was for other people.  The glass ceilings were transparent, but they were also strong.  Now, Latinas have begun to assume positions of influence.  They are responsive, innovative, and hungry for results.  How can Millennial Latinas and experienced professional Latinas connect with each other to accelerate everyone’s leadership potential?  What can women achieve when combining experience, skills, and wisdom with innovative resources, energy and talent?  Join this webinar with successful Latinas to explore how women of all ages can navigate culture—corporate, Latino, and generational—to encourage, inspire, and promote each other. Learn more about webinar and view recording.

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